Dear developers, webmasters, and welcome to the openSug.js project. ^_^
What is a openSug.js?
openSug.js Is an open source autocomplete plug-in based on JavaScript that can be used to provide search suggestions for users in a website. It integrates well with front-end frameworks such as jQuery.
openSug.js with good scalability and customability, can add new features and improve search performance to Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, phpBB3, Discuz, Phpwind, Z-blog and many other CMS, Blog, BBS programs.
openSug.js Which search engines are supported?
openSug.js currently supports search engines and result sources from various countries including biglobe from Japan, naver from South Korea, rambler and yandex from Russia, Google and Yahoo from the United States, as well as Baidu, NetEase Auto, Sina Auto, haoso, iciba, kugou, lagou, Mango TV, qunar, sm, software, taobao, weibo and youku from China.
In addition to these, openSug.js provides an extensible API for supporting private result sources. (link)
What browsers are supported by openSug.js?
openSug.js Modern browser support: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6+, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge...
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